Air Freight

Air freight, or air cargo allows the transport of goods quickly by air mode.Transporting goods with air freight saves time – it’s much faster than shipping, rail or road transport.

 Worldwide or Provincial, if you are looking for an air freight service, we are having a range of exclusive services to fulfill your requirements. Our expert team will assist you and ensure your cargo is delivered on time and in virtuous condition. Of any kind is your business area/cargo volume we will connect you to regions transversely globally. For oversize cargo transportation by air, we provide professional know-how related to the handling of part and full charter service including complete door-to-door delivery logistics on a global scale.

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Sea Freight

It’s an international commerce for centuries and is still a popular mode of transportation due to factors such as high load capacity, low cost, and reliability in bad weather. Sea freight transport is also a preferred solution for shipments across long distances.

Massive volumes of freight that we ship and the multitude of carrier connections we can able to offer you frequent departures and the capacity of what you are looking exactly for – from major ports worldwide. We have experts with sound knowledge of Export-Import compliance. In addition to this, if you need warehouse management for your business routines, we can able to handle that too as well as we can. Suitable export-import licenses are becoming increasingly important factors while transporting the cargo our team can provide support in delivering full compliance with all export-import country requirements.


Customs Broking

Custom clearance procedure works include formation and submission of documentation needed to help export procedure or imports into the country, describing the client while customs examination, evaluation, payment of duty and taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance with documents.

Our in-house CHA team is well aware of the Duty tariffs, Customs regulations, and procedures and definitely will deliver tailored-made solutions against customer needs. Our customized solutions help you take informed conclusions, condense lead time, optimize cash flow, keep taxes to a minimum bound and ensure consistent and compliant trade activities. 


Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing gets rid of manufactured products, creating enough space and conducive environment to efficiently produce. An efficient warehouse also offers product picking, packing and shipping services. As you think about taking advantage of warehousing, therefore, also think of innovative ways we can structure the industry and have enough space.

Our extensive network facilitates managing your supply chain. Merging/planning the shipping with warehouse and distribution you will experience a seamless last-mile delivery. Our portfolio consists of bonded and non-bonded warehouses in Free trade warehousing zones and nearby to Sea/Airports. We have carefully planned the setup to meet customers cross border transport needs. Stock and transportation control through our internal visibility systems or WMS, providing timely and accurate visibility and planning of shipments and stock status.


DGFT Consulting

Our company has vast experience in the field of DGFT consulting services and do deliver the reliable services at competitive cost. We undertake the following listed services:

  • Authorized Dealer code / EDI Registration with Customs

  • Procurement of advanced authorizations & EPCG License

  • Availing Customs permits, Export promotion licenses, etc.

  • Availing of Import – Export Code

  • Shutting of Advance and EPCG Authorization

  • The acquiescence of regulations of Foreign Trade Policy by providing timely updates to customers regarding policies updates.

  • The recompense of applicable Customs and Excise Duties

  • Conquering various Export-Import Incentives

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Inland Transportation

We provide all sort of Inland transportation to our clients in line to meet their business routines. Also having most comprehensive logistics network across PAN INDIA, covering almost all the neighboring locations.


We offer a wide range of distribution services like railway logistics, supply chain solutions, 3PL Warehousing and consulting services.